Crawfish Pattern “Don’t Fear The Ripper” Size #2


Don’t Fear The Ripper” Crawfish pattern. John Fehnel’s crawdad pattern. This is one fly you do not want to be without when top is not working. Throw it in the muck and let it sink then do a slow strip. The muck coming off the fly produces an enticing effect this fly is known for. It is a producer! ** Tied by John Fehnel

Tech Tips: Hook: B10S Stinger Size 2
Feelers: Moose Hair/Hot Orange Krystal Flash
Shell: Dark Brown Swiss Straw
Body/Thorax: Hot Orange Estaz
Eyes: Melted 17lb Musky Mono
Pinchers: Crawfish Rabbit Strip
Legs: Grizzly Hot Orange Rubber Legs
Ribbing: Hot Orange Brassie Wire
Weight: Lead Dumbbell Eyes Small
Tail: Girzz Marabou

Hints: Ty into the curve of the hook to give you more size and a more realistic look. Can be tyed weedless also. Come by the shop and pick up the materials to ty this awesome pattern!!