Fresh Crawfish just tied up!

Ready for that Crawfish boil! The boil at the end of your line when a big smallie wants to crush it!!!

On Sale!!

   Waterworks Lamson’s Force F2 SL Reel II Black in size 2. Incredibly light with a monster drag. Smooth inertia and fabulous looks to boot. On sale now for $299.00 regular price $499.00. 


Due to the Covid situation I am not able to do fly tying classes in the shop. So I have been putting Tying videos on You Tube. They are under Great Lakes Fly Shop. Please check them out and tell me what you think. I have been working on a Basic Tying series for those just getting into fly tying. And I have also put other types of tying instructions on You Tube for those who have questions on how certain tying techniques are done. I will be working on putting more videos on You Tube as time progresses. Hopefully we will get back to where I can do classes at the shop some day. Cheers!!


Fishing Reports

North Shore: Closed for the season above the posted boundry, falls. Below the boundries the rivers are open year round, when weather permits. If we get some rain and or snow to the get the rivers up we can expect a run of steelhead. Look out for the weather. 
Bois Brule Wi.    The Uppers is closed for the season. The lower is doing ok for runs of steelhead. Not many but some are in. A few browns are being caught. Flow is pretty low and should pick up if we get some rain.   
Lakes: Lots of woolly buggers and muddler type streamers.

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