The Farlex Reels are in. Tim of course has done a superb job of producing the level plate wind in silver with single handle  and the S curve handle style with a black backing plate. These reels are built tight and the tolerances are amazing. With click in and out you will enjoy it when it is fish on and the reels sing!! Lots of room for running line and 470 to 500 grain heads. These are 3 3/4″ size but I can also get the 4″ sizes. 

CF Burkheimer Two handed fly rods                Are now in stock!!

CF Burkheimer 11′ 5″ 7wt Vintage
CF Burkheimer 11′ 7″ 7wt Vintage

See on line shopping store for more details!!

Fly Tying Classes

   Starting  November  2nd on Saturday at 11:00AM. Class will  run for about 2 to 3 hours each day.  The first class will be on basic tool introduction and tying and will include fly’s such as a Pheasant Tail, Soft Hackle, Woolly bugger and Prince Nymph. This class will run for two Saturdays and the cost is 35.00 per student. 
   Starting on November 16th a new class will start at 11:00AM and will run for about 2 to 3 hours each day. This class will include fly’s such as Royal Wulff, Adult Caddis, Joe’s Hopper and Pass Lake. This Class will run for two Saturdays and the cost is $35.00 per student.  Please call the shop to sign up and register. Space is limited. 

Fishing Reports

North Shore: Rivers are high right now because of recent rains but in a day a two should be good. Expect some runs of Chinook, Steelhead and Coasters. Some Pinks are still hanging around. Use pink eggs, chartreuse cactus flys, stoneflys and prince nymphs. Caddis emergers are always a favorite for coasters!!  Pick and choose your rivers and spots.  
Bois Brule Wi. Pretty much blown out due to rains. Waters high but is fishable on one side. Muddy in some spots. Steelhead are in as well as some lake  run Browns. Stones with a dropper and using two handed rods with sink tips and intruders and streamers.  
Lakes: Kicha Some! Use olive or black wolly buggers or caddis droppers.

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