A big welcome to Joe and guys from EPOCH eyewear to Great Lakes Fly Shop 

We here at Great Lakes Fly Shop would like to take this time to welcome Joe and the Guys from EPOCH Eye Wear. Being a Veteran owned buisness I can relate to that a lot. They provide fantastic pairs of glasses at a very affordable price.  Made with high impact PC and inlayed rubber for style and comfort. Lens are made in HIgh Impact Resistance Polycarbonate and come in great styles and colors. Come by the shop and check them out. 

               OFFICIAL NEWS
2019 3rd Annual
Paddle the Pads
Fly Fishing
Bass Tournament

Come join us for the 3rd Annual Paddle the Pads Fly Fishing Bass Tournament at Chambers Grove Park in Duluth MN. The date is set for August 24th from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Please click on the picture above to get all the register information, rules and pricing.


What a time it is to get on the open rivers and throw out two handed style. Well with the popularity growing fast it was no time before the swinging on top for them magical beast would occur. Behold the SKA-UGLER. Can be swung for steelhead, trout in general and could be popped on shore to attract Mr. Bass. Don’t delay I only tie a hand full at a time.  

Fishing Reports

North Shore: Some rivers are flowing good but with lots of ice and snow. Some rivers have fish in them as well as some that have been caught. It will get better when our warmer temps show up.  
Bois Brule Wi. Open for the season and doing ok. Reports have been slow but at least some were landed. Fresh fish should arrive soon in bigger numbers. 
South East Minnesota: Doing well with small nymphs and woolly buggers!

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