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Holiday Fly Tying Event

Thursday, December 14th at 7pm

at the Great Lakes Fly Shop



Well after much anticipation and waiting the book from Carl Haensel has arrived fresh off the printing press. And what a great book it is. Full of all types of Fly Fishing information and tid pits for the whole state of Minnesota. Lots of updated information about the North Shore and the surrounding streams and rivers around Duluth and the Iron Range. Cannot say enough good things about it, but Thanks Carl!! Come on down to the shop and pick up your copy for that perfect Holiday gift or for yourself. Cheers!! P. S. I do have them on Shopping Cart!!


Through countless years of producing the finest fly rods made in the industry it is but one time you can sit down on the banks of your favorite river or set a float in a quiet peaceful lake and just look at what you have with you…an RL Winston fly rod. No other rod will be passed down as often through family generations and no other rod will bring such pride in owner ship as an RL Winston fly rod. With that first unwrapping after the latest fly fishing show or a surprise birthday gift you will smile and know.  You will not regret or think it is “bullshit” owning a fly rod built with such fine craftsmanship that is built in our country with hands of people  who share in our hardships and good times of living in the United States of America. So take that Winston out of its rod tube, unwrap it from its rod sock and go out and enjoy that Winston feel.





Fishing Reports

North Shore:  The flows on the rivers have tappered off a bit but there are still some spots farther up the shore that are fly fishing pretty good. Coaster Brook Trout and Steelhead and in the rivers now and will be coming and going until the real cold comes. Now is that time to hit the rivers up the shore.  A few Coasters, Coho’s and Browns are being caught on the lower rivers and stocker rainbows are being caught closer to the mouths. Nice size ones to!! 
Bois Brule Wi. Closed for the season     
Lakes: Closed for the season until January 2024!!


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