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Get the Bruce Springstone for the Brule in Wisconsin and the rivers along the North Shore of MN. Excellant for dead drifting, highstickin, and swinging. Great pattern with the design concept of a spring wiggler. Sinks fast for those deep holes and runs. 


Dyna-King Vises now in stock with a great selection of Rotary or Standard Vises. Made with quality materials to last a lifetime. 


Fishing Reports

North Shore: Closed for the season above the posted boundry, falls. Below the boundries the rivers are open year round, when weather permits. If we get some rain and or snow to the get the rivers up we can expect a run of steelhead. Look out for the weather. 
Bois Brule Wi.    The Uppers is closed for the season. The lower is doing ok for runs of steelhead. Not many but some are in. A few browns are being caught. Flow is pretty low and should pick up if we get some rain.   
Lakes: Lots of woolly buggers and muddler type streamers.

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