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Flyfishing for Smallmouth and Largemouth!!
   Yeah, it’s not fancy stuff, delicate presentations, or 15′ leaders, but what it lacks in finesse, it makes up in fierce attaches and torn up gear. There are no words in ancient fly fishing books or star studded movies that spell out what’s awaiting those who take up fly fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Heavy, stiff 8wts (those that survive), burned finger digits and humiliating refusals make up fly fishing for bass!! Green trout, bronze backs, bodacious warriors, and bucket mouths, call them what you want, they are the rebels of the freshwater world. They hide in knotted up week jungles, lie beside rocks in tumbling rivers and are ready to pounce on top water poppers or devour leech looking streamers. They will almost jolt the rod out of your hands. We tack on Dahlberg divers, strip leeches, foam concoctions, and streamers resembling anything from bait fish to crayfish. When pursuing these beasts, stout leaders and bass taper fly lines are the weapons of choice for launching these insane hunks of fur and deer hair. Mostly to keep the runner in the game, these lines can launch in a moments notice. Get in quick, short strips and pick up and try another spot. (to be continued) Thank you for reading!!