Location: Chambers Grove Park on the banks of the beautiful St. Louis River

Cost: $25.00 per person, all proceeds will go to a charity of choice! Buy in the fly shop or call for no ticket fee.

Prizes: Too kick ass to mention right now. Will provide list of prizes closer to tournament.

You must be registered prior to slipping your vessel in the water.


Official Tournament Rules:

• Tournament location is from the Power House below the dam up river from Chambers Grove Park to Boy scout Landing.

• This is a fly fishing tournament ONLY.

• Use of floating or sink tip line with leader of choice.

• You can use as many flies as is legally accepted.

• You must measure and take the picture of your catch with the supplied tape measure and poker chip from the judges for the picture to be accepted.

• Use of a canoe, kayak, drift boats, raft, paddle board, pontoon boat, float tube boats are legal as long as there is no gas powered or electric powered motor attached.

• Pictures of fish must be on your phone or SLR camera with a back viewing screen.

• Only show the judges your picture once you have quit for the day.

• You can come in and have lunch or a beverage during the tournament and go back out later as long as you are back by the required quitting time which is 6:30pm. You will be asked if you are done for the day by the judges.

• Once you are done for the day, you cannot go back out as part of the tournament.

• Sizes of fish will not be disclosed until prizes are handed out to winning contestants.

• This is a rain, wind or shine event and will not be cancelled due to weather.

• There is a no refund policy on your registration fee.

• You are responsible for your own safety and actions with no recognizance to the Bass Tournament or surrounding fishing areas. Play it safe and have fun.